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Tourists know that, for making their holiday happy until its end, they can rely on the famous regional cuisine, with its extraordinary quantity of typical products and the equally sensational variety of dishes, so rich and carefully prepared. Similar importance has got the wine-list, both red and white, in different high-quality sorts and with controlled origin appellation.
At the start of the meal the local cuisine already presents one of its glories: the pasta, preferably hand-made, in shape of "tagliatelle" (noodles) and "lasagne", seasoned with the typical meat ragout.
But the very characteristic of the whole area is that particular type of filled pasta called "cappelletti", served in a sauce or in an excellent broth. As for the main course, we find in the foreground the results of that old art to prepare meat and the fish of the Adriatic Sea, the traditional barbecue, in the local dialect "gardela", into which fish and meat are laid down to be grilled on embers.

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