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The district of Ravenna begins in the Appennine woods, stretches out across the Po Valley and extends down to the Adriatic sea. Easy to say, but not so easy to find. It's not every day you come across an area with so many unique features. An ideal position, for one. Situated between Venice and Florence and within easy reach of most major cities in Italy and the rest of Europe, the district of Ravenna has nevertheless remained slightly removed from the frenetic pace of city life and still today prefers to live in peace and quiet. In and around Ravenna - and there are few places in Italy that can make such a claim - you meet many more bicycles than cars. Another distinctive feature of the district is the history. Ravenna was the last capital of the Roman Empire in the West (5th C. A.D.) and the principal centre of Byzantine civilization in Italy (6th - 7th C. A.D.). And, last but not least, there are the towns themselves.

Ravenna houses Christianity's finest mosaics. Faenza is synonymous with ceramic art. Brisighella is a medieval village that somehow captures all the beauty of Italy's hillscapes. Riolo is a spa resort and Casola Valsenio a hillside herb garden. While Cervia Milano Marittima, cutting a green swathe at the sea's edge, is renowed for its sports facilities and for the superb standards of its hotels. It goes without saying that none of these attractions is in itself exclusive. The world has become a pretty small place and exotic destinations are sometimes no more than a few hours' away. But ours are not scattered to the four corners of the earth: art and beaches, entertainment and history, sea, spas and hills are concentrated in an area no larger than that of a major town or city. And, with more than one hundred years' experience in the tourist business, we also know that natural beauty spots lose much of their charm when getting there means you have to face a tiring journey, take pot luck over accommodation and perhaps turn a blind eye to the quality of the service. Which is why we regard our unbeatable organization and peerless hospitality as truly exclusive. Special qualities that make the world of difference.

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