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The château and its vineyards were the property of the Abbey of Cîteaux until the French Revolution after which they were considered " state property ". In 1818; the Château and its vineyards were bought by Jules Ouvrard, son of a famous speculator and supplier of Imperial weapons. He eventually left the Château to live in the Cistercian Château de Gilly, but continued to dedicate himself to the vineyards. In so doing, Clos de Vougeot remained in a position of monopoly until 1861. When Jules Ouvrard died, his heirs (Rochechouart, La Garde, Montalembert) put the Clos de Vougeot on sale. It was bought in 1889 by six wine merchants from the region. One of them, Léonce Bocquet also bought the château and it was thanks to him that the Renaissance section of the château underwent restoration. The Château then belonged to a Côte-d'Or deputy, Etienne Camuzet, who willingly allowed the founders of the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin to use it and then handed it over to them in 1944. It was classified as a national monument in 1949 and opened to the general public.

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