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At the western boundary of the bay of Mont Saint Michel, it enjoys a privileged position on the coast and owes the greatest part of its resources to the sea. Not having the advantage of the other ports closer to the Cte d'Emeraude(The Emerald Coast), its present day fame was acquired with more difficulty. Cancale is a delightful little port which combines all the pleasures offered by the coast: walks along the "Customs" footpath , swimming, a visit to the "malouinires" (characteristic old houses) and gastronomic tastings of seafood in the renowned restaurants. In the surrounding area, the Grouin Point offers a panorama which stretches from cape Frhel to Grandville, as well as the Chausey islands visible out in the sea. Opposite, there is the island of the Landes, an ornithological reserve where it is possible to admire cormorants, seagulls and other seabirds. Together with shrimps and spiny spider crabs, the commerce of oysters and their dgustation remains Cancale's strong point. There is also a museum which is entirely dedicated to this subject and gives visitors the chance of understanding the different origins, the methods of cultivation and the different denominations involved. Along the coast, in the direction of Mont-Saint-Michel, which can been seen on clear days, the shores are particularly characteristic for the oyster cultivations.

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