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Franois I regularly came to stay in Amboise. When you come to visit the chteau's furnished apartments, it's easy to imagine the sumptuous court feasts that the great monarch used to hold here. At nightfall, from high points in the town, you can see the stone walls of the chteau daubed in eerie lamplight. While you're in the area, why not look up Leonardo da Vinci, who spent his last years in the Clos Luc Chateau. You get some idea of the genius of the man, who was a close protg of Franois I, through his restored frescos and reconstructions of the models of his inventions that are on display. The last vestige of a chteau inhabited by the Duc de Choiseul, the 18th century Chanteloup Pagoda reaches 44 metres into the air. The Miniature Chteaux park is a collection of 45 masterpieces, miniature models of chteau country, with 9000 bonsai trees set over an acre. The attention to detail bears close scrutiny.

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