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Today it is a modern city which has nevertheless retained rural features over half of its territory. It is a dynamic city where industrials estates residential areas, parks and playground district mix nicely. Located at the heart of the Loire Valley area registered as part of the world heritage by UNESCO, and serviced by a good network of communications giving access to its wide range of hotels, Joué les Tours is unquestionably a convement place of holiday for visiting the Loire Valley Castles.
HISTORICAL LANDMARKS: Up to the mid-19th century Joué les Tours was a peaceful village at a stone's throw from Tours. It was then surrounded with fields and vineyards. It was the time when wine growing reached its hey-day and its wine became known as Noble Joué, a rosé now recognized as AOC.
A mayor landmark in the economic growth of the city was the advent of rollways which made possible the installation of the first factories.
From the mid-60's the economic growth brought about rapid urbanization which made it into the second largest city in Indre et Loire after Tours.

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