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Saint Symphorien le Château, is a prevalently agricultural municipality of the Eure and the Loire; it is situated 22 km to the east of Chartres and 65 km to the west of Paris. Its territory includes the town itself and 5 country wards: Essars, Esclimont, Bouchemont, Gué de Bleury and, in some part, la Grande Touche. Saint Symphorien le Château is mostly a residential town and, amongst its main activities, can boast a telecommunications centre, some artisan production and the Esclimont Castle which rests on a rich, historical past, its origins dating back to the 11th century; a number of wars led to its destruction, but it was then rebuilt in 1543. Over the course of the centuries, it underwent various transformations, in particular in the 18th century and, subsequently, in 1865, the Viscount Sosthène de la Rochefoucault had it restored in the Renaissance style. Finally, in 1980, the Castle was transformed into an hotel by a large international chain.

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