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This is the most ancient village in the Chevreuse valley, situated close to the Vaux de Cernay abbey. It is surrounded by forest, notable for its flowery lanes and is inhabited by smiths, coopers and forest workers. Many lovely and characteristic little towns can be found nearby which are certainly worth a visit. An elegant bell tower can be spotted at Senlisse, a small village buried in woodland. At Cernay la Ville, a small town in the vicinity of the Vaux de Cernay abbey, it is possible to stop off in one of its welcoming hostelries. Vieille Eglise en Yvelines, a village which borders on the Rambouillet forest on one side, and on some cultivated lowland on the other, offers numerous possibilities for walks and excursions. Celles les Bordes, surrounded by forests, fields of cereals, hills and rivers, is an ideal place from which to seek out farms and castles.

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