01220 - Divonne-les-Bains ()
Tel.: (+39) 04 50 20 00 32
Fax: (+39) 04 50 20 03 73

Château de Divonne

regional, specialities
refined, elegant, intimate, quiet

Open all year round

Parking: yes

Average Price in Euro: 53,00 - 95,00

American Express, Visa, Bank Americard, Diners Club, EuroCard, MasterCard, JCB

Spoken Languages:
English, German

Bonoît Vidal, the chef, has collaborated with world-famous chefs such as Michel Guérard, Michel Trama and Régis Marcon. Since March 2003, he has been responsible for running the cuisine of the Château di Divonne. The cellar: with passion, a wealthy selection pays honour to the wine production of the Jura and the Savoy regions. The cellar contains more than 10.000 bottles coming from all-over France.