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In the heart of Europe and easy to reach, whether for a day, a month, or a year, Divonne is truly an endless source of pleasure and enjoyment Why not take a stroll through our photo gallery and get a clearer idea of all that Divonne has to offer. Action, relaxation, discovery, experiences... there's something for everyone here. Let these few pages be an ongoing invitation to sample pleasure at its very source.
A good morning and a good mood, Divonne the source of well-being... Firstly, look after yourself. Enjoy the climate: the invigorating effects of the Jura and the calming influence of Lake Lman. Then think health. The beneficial effects of the thermal waters of Divonne-les-Bains have been recognised since 1848. Today, they are known the world over for successfully treating many ailments brought on by today's lifesfyles. At the Paul Vidart thermal baths, you can say goodbye to stress, fatigue and insomnia. Then, enjoy o peaceful stroll through a quiet and beautiful town that boasts an environment of a rare quality.

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