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The surrounding mountains are in fact the splendid sets for walking excursions, on mountain-bike or in the saddle, as suggested by the manager of the riding stables "Randis Ranch" of Piano d'Arta; the foaming water of the rivers But and Chiarso' invite one to prove oneself on the enjoyable descent in canoe or in the more relaxing battle with the darting trout that populate these waters. The opportunity to move about in the open air doesn't finish here: the green cloak of the football field, the tennis courts and bowling green go to complete this rich offering towards health and enjoyment, and the sign of wellbeing and quietness. But when we speak of health it spontaneously comes to mind the combined therapeutic possibilities on offer at the "Pudia" spring, noted since Roman times and witnessed by the monumental thermal system of Julium Carnicum, the actual Zuglio. Over the last few years, with the restructurisation and enlargement of the thermal complex begins the new era of Arta Terme that today can offer to its clients all that can be asked of a modern mineral sulphur hydrotherapy; from the classic therapeutic services balneolutotherapiche (baths-mud-hydromassage-hydropiniche cure) to the otorhinolaryngology cure (inhalation - mist - humages - aerosol - endotympanic insufflation); to the physiotherapeutic treatments for dermatological beauty, with swimming pool and sauna. A mixture of services satisfies the requirements of the users always more attentive and sensitive of the efficiency of a structure and of its results in the name of "fitness-wellness". The importance of those therapies have recently been underlined by appropriate agreements stipulated by the major Prevention and Insurance Institutes on the national and international levels between: USL, Ministry of Defence, Enasarco, ANLA, T.C.I. All this is placed in a natural environment still yet uncontaminated, in a land available and rich in surprises, for a vacation measured for man...