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Arta Terme, Paularo, Zuglio - Hamlets: Arta, Piano d'Arta, Avosacco, Cabia, Cedarchis, Piedim, Valle, Rivalpo, Lovea

Dear Vito I am here, between mountains and rivers, and under the shadow of beeches and firs: and I'm not going to move because those who are alone move....and this besides everything, is the significance of the testimony of the poet to his friend Vito Siciliani of Livorno, of a stay in a hotel in Arta in August 1885.
A holiday of "carducciana" memories that today Arta re-proposes and gives a qualified welcome and courtesy. The particular natural beauty of the area may be best appreciated travelling along the many pathways recently developed by a group of local volunteers of the zone; these small country footpaths go through wooded areas and meadows that wind round the outskirts and enables you to admire the small ancient churches and rustic country cottages, expressions of the typical local economy.
These walks, adapted for all ages, are the ideal occasions for soft and rhythmic movements but, also for those who prefer more demanding sport.

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