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Ski excursions - The Carnia, other than offering the lovers of white sport, a fan of possibilities of "piste ski", gives also the possibility for those who want to live the mountain experience in a more silent, secluded way, already the proposal for cross-country ski, available to all and very beautiful and varied permitting the appreciation of nature and of the sport in a very rounded way; for those who want something more, to be immerged totally in the world of the mountain in its winter clothes, the Carnia can also offer this.
Excursion ski trips, off piste, of medium difficulty available to all, alpine ski, steep skiing, finally to be able to hang from the most dizzy heights of extreme ski. Skiing far from the usual piste slopes asks for a knowledge of the mountain, of snow; and to know when to choose the right moment to undertake the determined adventure and to bring it to a close safely with the maximum of enjoyment. Between the proposals one in particular appeals to those off piste excursionists: From Zoncolan you reach, with the use of the ski lifts, the top of Das Goles (1750 mts), here begins the descent, you descend towards the west, a summer road gives the direction, diagonal with a slight rise you reach the summer pastures of Marmoreana di Pozf (1583 mts).
If you go further, there are slopes always more grand, the valleys far away, and the joy of dominating the spaces. It is impossible to make a mistake, the routes are varied, the woods on either side indicate the direction: it is a small dip towards the Carnian villages. The arrival is at Clavais 826 mts above sea level. This off piste is used habitually by the ski masters and their students, it is recommended, and leaves in everyone a grand memory.

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