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The wise use of spices and at times even the presence of chocolate, make the cjalsons impossible to confuse unique flavour, a "plate of gold". And what is there to say about the "frico", a characteristic small cake of "malga" cheese, that can only be made on these mountains, like the Land of Bengodi of the form "brand" of the Montasio cheese, of sublime mushrooms, of the ham of Sauris, a red smoked jewel and matured with a technique that arises from the god Beleno, of whom the temple of Iulium Carnicum (Zuglio) is dedicated to. We must not neglect the "sgobie", the most genuine and less thought about. Open to the green valleys, in which the sweet slopes are undisputable pearls of the summer and winter vacations, like Ravascletto, Ampezzo, Forni Avoltri, Forni di Sopra, and Sauris. The rocky terrain of the dolomite group of Monfalconi or that of Peralba, where was born the Piave, the Carnia provides also therapeautic sources such as the Fonte Pudia of the Arta Terme, already frequented by Carducci. The gentleness for which the carnians are spoken about have the same source of flora and fauna, a large part of which remain intact from when a trip to the mountains was only a thought. The folklore may be studied not only in the small but splendid museum of Tolmezzo but also, for example, in the area of the Ascension of St. Peter of Zuglio, or in the tall stories of the "zovins". Here high up nature expresses silence and purity, measured spontaneous architecture, with the Alpine scent of stones and wood. The surroundings are also heavy with the perfume of herbs, together with those sweet biscuits of Raveo made from the noble flour of the mountains, spread with butter.
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