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Between the more lively traditions the use of the kitchen is very important, with the mushrooms and woodland fruits, the wild herbs of which, as we have said, exists an extraordinary variety: Forni di Sopra and Carnia are considered the capital of kitchen herbs, in particular at the beginning of a good season we have our local celebration the "Feast of the Spring Herbs", which is a holiday together with a - study of herbs, food- tasting, market and alpine party. In the last years consistent investment, but not too much, has allowed us to become one of the most well equipped of the region: 800 bed places stationed in 13 not large hotels and with high quality family management, bringing together 2000 bed places in private accommodations, a remarkable infrastructure of a gymnasium and covered swimming pool, bowling green, tennis courts, ice rink also in winter, football stadium and training ground, and to finish, a small lake for sport fishing. Forni di Sopra extends part of her territory into the grand "Park of the Prealpi Carniche", of remarkable botanical, geological and faunistic interest. For the winter season we have prestigious cross country skiing, school and ski rental and also ski lifts and chair lifts, with snow covered piste with programmed snow from the system at Varmost, the highest of the region, which takes you above 2000mts, from where hang-gliders from half of Europe convene to dedicate themselves to this elegant form of flying which gives a magnificent view of the Dolomites.