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World Heritage Site UNESCO

Forni di Sopra, Forni Di Sotto - Hamlet: Vico (Council seat), Cella and Andreazza

"Beautiful between the most beautiful" defined by the accademic of the C.A.I Berti, the Oriental Dolomites, by foot from those of Forni di Sopra will impress you with their greenness and sun, in an open valley rich with pastures and woods. Tourist station beginning from the first of the last century represents the ideal bridge between Carnia and Cadore, the next pass to Mauria that unites, more than divides, these two alpine sub regions. Situated at an altitude of 900 mt above sea level, contains within it the Oriental Dolomites, and has all the typical characteristics of the high alpine zones, with abundance of pine resin that gives an elevated heathiness to the air.
For the same reasons, during the winter seasons, notwithstanding the apparent modest quota of snow, the covering snow is considerable and allows a long opening period for the ski lifts. An old settlement in the valley - the name of the hamlet has its origin from the romans - still conserves a historic centre particularly evocative, with houses in stone and wood, and interesting antique and rare artistic objects, particulary in the church.
The inhabitants live in the valley all the year maintaining this way of life with the genuine local traditions and customs and a sense of community that is unfortunately rare. Also for the guests it is easy to feel a "part" of this and to be received with friendship and cordiality and it is for this that a large percentage of our tourists frequent us for many years and those that continue to return are very high.


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