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Forni Avoltri, Prato Carnico, Rigolato - Hamlets: Forni Avoltri, Collina, Frassenetto, Sigilletto

In the northern part of Carnia, at the borders with Cadore and Austria, Forni Avoltri is an ideal base of departure to visit territories of extraordinary beauty, in exceptional state of conversation, rich with millions of species of flora, populated with numerous fauna, put in the region of Friuli- Venezia Giulia under the protection of the Park of Carnia Central. The interior of that splendid territory arise the highest mountains in the region, between which Coglians (2782 m a.s.l.) gives variety and impression to a luxuriant nature, where we can find rare orchids, immense carpets of rhododendrums, typical alpine varieties, those of the alpine star, next to those rare specimens known to the experts of the area who are lovers of nature, and also lovers of naturalistic photography.
There are also present rare animals of which the likeable marmot, numerous deer and chamois, roe deer, wolves, squirrels, badgers and, flying elegantly in the sky, the majestic eagle. Mountain shelters excellently managed next to the hotels at the bottom of the valley makes the mountains livable and friendly, reachable and enjoyable for the expert alpinist and the simple excursionist, who may visit pastures and summer meadows, mountain lakes and easy mountain tops from which can be admire the large green panorama; and possible to see, on a good day, the blue line of the nearby Adriatic and to have a visible perception of a land, Friuli, that includes mountains and sea in a narrow space but rich in suggestion and atmosphere. Here is a small but efficient organisation of parks, organising guided visits for both the summer and winter months, particularly for school groups, with guide and nature expert able to explain the thousand mysteries of nature, leaving from a print or the remains of a meal of a squirrel, and also able to explain the complex rules that regulate a typical Alpine system, here rich in varieties and presence of fauna as in very few other places.
The local traditional sports are also worth mentioning, in the section of skiing, other than that of alpine; was realised a biathlon installation of international level, in which skiing and target shooting has been re-invented in the ancient northern tradition of hunting. Easily reached by car, but also with daily excursions on foot, the nearby Austria using comfortable pathways which are excellently signed, here you are reminded of an old story about those who wanted the Alps divided and the border signposted; but you discover that the mountains unite because it heightens the curiosity of discovery of what is hidden up above, because it pushes you to go over and meet other realities, here very similar and ideally nearby.

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