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The name Grado (gradus = harbour) shows the original function of this town which was established for the Beet of Aquileia, ancient capital of Istria and the region. The refugees from Aquileia escaping from the invasions came to this town which was also seat of the Patriarchs. This period was the most flourishing and is witnessed by many monuments. After having been destroyed and sacked many times, it lost its importance and became subjected to Venice. It fell down to the condition of a fishermen's village. The historical centre dates to this period and tourists can admire its original buildings inserted into a pattern of alleys and small squares typical of the Venetian sea towns.
The welling area was and still is surrounded by a lagoon where fishermen build their stray-covered houses (called "casoni") some of which can be seen. The lagoon has an own charm: it is a real silent and calm oasis floating between the blue sky and sea with colours fading in nuances, facing each other separated by sandbanks and small islands where rare birds live.

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