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The hills and the lowlands - Friuli's hillside, far from the beaten track of standard tourist destinations and yet still easily within reach, invites one to discover new itineraries and glimpses of nature which are amongst the most picturesque in Europe, suspended between the Italian Alps and the sea. Numerous are the ancient fortresses to visit, historical parish churches, traditional artisan shops and art treasures scattered between the small museums. The principal cultural and commercial centre is located in the area of San Daniele. This town, endowed with a rich artistic heritage, has developed a strong cultural vocation and is devoted to art and literature. One finds here a series of refined historical palaces, elegant gardens, the town's white cathedral architecturally inspired by Palladio, and the oldest library in the region, the Guarneriana. However, San Daniele is also well-known for its culinary specialities, the first and foremost of which being its famous San Daniele Prosciutto, or cured ham. Moving upwards in the journey, one comes upon Forgarese, a vast plateau found at an altitude between 600 to 900 meters in altitude and located on Monte Prt. This area, in turn, lies at the foot of the majestic Monte Corno, and overlooks the entire sweep of the hillside, as well as the Friuli lowlands. Forgarese is the primary starting point for excursions into Friuli's hillside. In the past, its strategic position as the "mountain that overlooks the hillside" was exploited for defence purposes and the area itself, thus, is still rife with ancient fortifications. Continuing further, one arrives at the "Parco Culturale del Colle di Castelraimondo", a natural park that dominates the confluence of two bodies of water, the Torrente Arzino flowing into the Fiume Tagliamento. Present even to this day inside the park there are construction remains dating back to Roman times and even before. Additionally, here is where the first case to be recognised in Italy of a Celtic-type fortification has been identified, the so-called "murus gallicus." The presence of these remains and the fact that there still exists a mapped network of marked trails which were beaten down by livestock long ago when cattle were brought to graze high in the Alps, makes Forgarese an area particularly well-suited as a departure base for simple excursions towards the internal destinations in the Alps.
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