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Arising from glacier origins and running alongside the east-west axle, there are three circles of gently sloping hills which constitute the morainic amphitheatre, considered the heart of the Friuli. This encompasses a somewhat vast territory which is composed of the aforementioned noble San Daniele as well as ten other Comuni (municipalities) immersed in the countryside: Ragogna, Rive d'Arcano, Fagagna and Moruzzo garrison the first and more compact of the three morainic circles, Majano and Colloredo di Monte Albano are situated in the second of the three circles, while Buja, Cassacco and Treppo Grande are placed in the third and most discontinuous of the circles. Osoppo and its Fortress lay further north as an outpost to the first mountain buttresses of the Carnic and Julian Prealps. Punctuated by forests, meadows and streams, the scenic landscape is full of panoramic spots where one could look out upon the expanse of low hills on which perch ancient manors and fortifications. A dense network of internal roads allows one to discover the natural oasis, well-equipped city parks and traditional small towns containing picturesque, rural villages. Here it is always possible to find a famous restaurant, stay at pleasant agriturismo country accommodation, visit farms or view an artisan's workplace. Placed next to the hills with which it has shared many historical events, the lowlands of Upper Friuli are constituted by a gathering of country towns: Coseano, Flaibano and San Vito di Fagagna. This territory is crossed through on the west by the stately Tagliamento river, its wide bends ushering to life a stunning landscape. The river, which today is host to a number of different recreation and rest areas, for centuries constituted the most swift connection to the seaside and regulated the life of the local communities on its banks.
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