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This geographically attractive location makes Gorizia a wonderful starting point for numerous history, country, sporting and gastronomie excursions. A short distance from the city one can set off on the Collio "wine route", a hilly area famous for its production of excellent quality wines (D.O.C.). The Collio region is full of tourist attractions: the friendly, hospitable trattorias, where one can appreciate the delicious food of different ethnic traditions, the characteristic "private" - private houses that for a short period or time, mostly in spring, open their doors to the public thus giving the visitors an opportunity to taste their new home produced wine and enjoy their mature one, and the many village festivals called "sagre", which spread their music across this gentle landscape from Mat to September.
The village of San Floriano del Collio, which snuggles beneath the castle of the same name, offers as well as beautiful views the possibility of visiting an interesting Wine Museum. The castle itself was built in the 12th century and is now the home of a notable wine producing firm, and gastronomie centre. Cormns is a small, delightful pre-Roman town. It is close to the park Bosco Plessiva, with its inviting wine cellars and agro-tourism (farm holidays). It offers the possibility of practising various sports and of going on long horse rides across a beautiful landscape reminiscent of the charming hills of Tuscany. Following the twisting road, one reaches, set among the chestnut forests, vineyards and the orchards of the Collio, other villages such as Dolegna, Capriva, and Gradiscutta. Here is a perfect opportunity for a well eamed rest in front of a plate of delicious cold meats, in particular prosciutto crudo (San Daniele ham) and salami, and a glass of good wine.

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