House Manzocco lies in the hearth of Corm˛ns since the late nineteenth century. Originally it was a simple country house situated at the foot of Mount Quarin, immersed in the lush vineyards of Collio, it has been renovated and enlarged several times over the years. The family home is at the centre, the winery is in the right wing, while a quality residence farmhouse was made in the left wing, which, in homage to the tradition of magic folk from Friuli, we named Al Benandant. The elegance and refinement of the Austro-Ungarico taste combined with the Friulan tradition wear the Benedant hospitality. The pomp of marble, fine furniture and damask fabrics will embrace you, allowing you to have a rare return to the past, when nobles with high-sounding titles used to meet in the country houses.
On the ground floor of the farmhouse there is a large reception with a reading/relaxation area and a small library, a cocktail cabinet for the exclusive use of guests and a breakfast room, lighted by large windows overlooking the garden. There is also a large room with easy access for disabled guests. On the first floor you will find three beautiful, comfortable and elegant double rooms, all entirely furnished with antiques carefully selected and restored by the owner. Each room has air conditioning and bathroom with shower. On the mansard second floor, besides a triple room, there is a mini-apartment for families that want to stay longer.
Easy to reach, the farmhouse is located in a strategic area of Friuli, suitable for those who love the countryside and the good wine, but also to friends who prefer the sea or the mountains that are located few kilometres away, without however forgetting the archaeological sites of Aquileia, or historically important cities such as Trieste.
For those who want to escape the chaos and the smog of the city, to be immersed in a green oasis of peace and just few minutes from the city centre, enjoying a warm family atmosphere, all of them are welcome Al Benandant. The hall, where the reception is situated, was mostly furnished with furniture made in the late 1800. In the furnishings, inspired to the Tuscan Baroque models, you can see a revival and the reutilize of ancient forms of the typical Renaissance taste. Large carvings for a tri-dimensional vision, utilizing feline legs in the large chests and in the wardrobes, frames, rustications and scarves, romantic decorations, but also acanthus leaves, cartouches and lion heads. The room where a buffet breakfast is served is illuminated by large windows overlooking the garden. In this room you can recognize the styles of the rooms, Umbertino and Renaissance tables, Luigi XVI chairs, the sideboard and the point of light in pure Liberty style. Everything done to create an elegant atmosphere, sober, but not too much.