Situated at the foot of the Collio hills (2 km from Corm˛ns), is an apartment and double rooms, reconstructed from an old country house dating back to the 1800s. It's not far from Udine, Aquileia, Cividale, Gorizia and Trieste, a short distance from the Adriatic beaches and 1 km from the nature park of Plessiva. Its excellent geographical setting offers the possibility to take many nature walks and go on cultural excursions.
Zorzon Wine Cellar - The vineyards are found in an excellent position, some on the hillside and some on the plains in the D.O.C. Collio area. The sloping hillsides are embraced by strong thermal waves night and day, a constant breeze and mild temperature from the nearby sea. The land is principally made up from marlstone, thereby rich in mineral salts and ideal for vines. We use traditional production methods and follow the usual Friulian custom that all the wines we produce are vinified using only one grape variety (no blends) exactly how grandfather Luigi Zorzon showed us. Giorgio, the owner, is in charge of the winegrowing - from the vineyards to the winery.
Recently converted an old barn into a modern agriturismo.
The winery is spread across 20 hectares of land, of which 7,5 hectares are used for cultivating D.O.C. Collio vineyards. We produce the following five white wines: Tocai friulano, Pinot bianco, Pinot grigio, Sauvignon, Malvasia istriana. We also produce 2 red wines: Cabernet franc, Merlot.