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Farra d'Isonzo is a small town situated in the area between Gradisca and Gorizia. Placed on a plain area, including the last ramifications of the Collio, this territory is today well known for its production of wines. In the past it founded its economy on the silk-worm breeding, thank to a big "Filatoio" that, built in 1724, worked till the last century.
To see: The eighteenth-century Church of Santa Maria Assunta (destroyed in 1915 and rebuilt in 1923); the little Church of Villanova, destroyed in World War I and rebuilt in 1926; the eighteenth-century village of Colmello di Grotta, seat of the "Museo di Documentazione della Civilt Contadina Friulana". The bourg of Colmello di Grotta, already quoted in the cadastral maps of the beginning of the 19th century, has its origin as a rural settlement for some farmer families. It keeps its functions and aspect almost unchanged until the end of the Sixties when, little by little, it is abandoned in the general exodus from the country.
In 1981 the local government of Farra d'Isonzo resolves to recover it as seat of a "Rural culture of Friuli Museum" since the building is a notable example of rural courtyard. In it a rich display of utensils and things of every day life and of agricultural tools has its right setting. In the bourg, today carefully restructured, the picture of part of local history is supplemented with the project of creating a center of cultural, educational and recreative activities. In this way, even if with different functions, the bourg is vital and useful again.

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