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Situated at the extreme eastern edge of the province of Gorizia, San Floriano del Collio is one of the major centres for vine growing and the production of wine of the area of the Comunit Montana del Collio: the territory of this little municipality, in fact, is totally hilly and, therefore, constitutes ideal land for the prized cultivations of vines and also for cherry growing. Situated in a sheltered position by the Slovenian boundary, this fortunate location has always constituted an advantageous observation post for the Julian Alps. In the possession of the Patriarchs of Aquileia since 1077, in the Middle Ages it was encircled by a mighty walled enclosure, into which two castles were successively integrated: the castle of the Conti Coronini and that of the Ungrispach.
This passed in 1520 to the counts Formentini di Cividale, who still reside there after the restorations following the destruction caused to it in the First World War. With the coming of less defensive requirements, the castle of the Conti Formentini became further transformed after the Second World War and is now a famous restaurant, as well as being the "Wine Museum". Also worthy of note is the parochial church dedicated to San Floriano, characterised both by a high bell tower which dominates the main square of the town and, inside, by three valuable altars. Especially fascinating are the environs of San Floriano del Collio, with its hillsides sculpted by the terraces for the intensive cultivation of vines and permeated by a network of roads and pathways which open up new and diverse rural walks. Not to forget the two localities, Gradisciuta and Giasbana, where their typical rural architecture constitutes classic examples of perfect integration between human intervention and the surrounding ambience. San Floriano del Collio and its Collio are also renowned for two important annual events: the "Mostra assaggio vini" (Wine Tasting Exhibition), an important appointment with the tasting of the local wine production, and the "Festival of popular Slovene Songs", a display by international choirs.

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