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Medea is sited on the western side of the river Isonzo, between the brooks Versa and Iudrio. Medea enjoys a uniquely fortunate position due to its proximity to the wine-growing area of Cormons and the historic and commercial centres of Gradisca and Palmanova, the latter a 15th century fortified town.
There are several tales and legends related to the ancient origins of Medea, a village that maintains traces of its past history and its Austrian heritage. The tales and legends include those related to the Greek myth of the Argonauts and of Medea, Circe's niece, who was said to possess magic powers and who might have given her name to the village (G.B. Falzari, 1962 and A. von Mailly, 1990). The origins of the village were of interest to notable historians like Tito Livio and Strabone, as well as to?... who narrated the life of St. Anthony. The hill overlooking the village was found to contain remains from the Iron Age as well as relics from the Roman period.
The hill has been a Parco Comunale for a few years and is of karstic origin, with several wooded areas. The surrounding countryside is cultivated with fine agricultural crops and features typical local flora and fauna.
Stone steps lead to the old church of Santa Croce, located on the crest of the hill and dedicated to Saint Anthony. The church attracts the faithful from all over the region and is a venue where important religious ceremonies are held. Continuing the walk across the hill, the visitor should not miss the opportunity to visit the trenches, ... and the observatory of King Vittorio Emanuele III. These are Further on one finds the village's important strategic position in the First World War. Following on, is the monument for which Medea is renowned in Italy and around the world: the Ara Pacis Mundi, which was built in 1951 by the Milanese architect Mario Baciocchi. This roofless temple rises majestically and contains the soil from thousands of cemeteries all over the world and water from all the seas that saw hard fought battles during the Second World War.

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