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San Vito al Tagliamento origins are ancient. Some experts date them back to the Neolithic period and others to the Venetic era. In 1973, an archaeological dig brought to light an ancient necropolis and some thirty funeral urns from the - 7th centurics B. C. Relics from the Roman era have also been found in the past. The roots of the modern town are thought to lie in the times of the Emperor Otto and the Patriarch of Aquileia Odoardo (963-983). The layout of San Vito, which is entirely medieval, was reinforced and embellished throughout by the Patriarch Raimondo della Torre who, in the late 1200s, commissioned the city walls, the Raimonda tower, the Scaramuccia tower and the castle. Over the centuries, control of San Vito has changed hands many times: from the Patriarch of Aquileia to the Republic of Venice, from Napoleon to the Austrian Empire, until its annexation to Italy in 1866.
Today San Vito al Tagliamento can be proud of its successful manufacturing, crafts and agricultural industries. It has first class facilities and services and a wealth of historical and artistic treasures (the Museum of Country Life, library, cathedral, church of the Battuti, Church of S. Lorenzo, palazzi, works of art and a magnificent "Venetian" piazza, the setting for an enormous open-air market every Friday since 1341). The town lies some 40 kilometres from the sea (Lignano - Bibione) and the same distance from the mountains (Piancavallo). Venice and Trieste airports are approximately 70 kilometres away while other citics (Padua, Treviso, Udine) and countries (Austria, Slovenia) can be reached in around an hour. San Vito al Tagliamento is the ideal place for a relaxing holiday, exploring Italy's historical and artistic heritage, enjoying local food and wine (San Daniele ham, wines of Collio and Grave Friulane, Montasio cheese), taking excursions and visit to other citics and playing sport.

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