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Surrounded by a frame of mountains and moranic hills, places in a natural, rich and varied environment, Gemona del Friuli invites you to a visit. The town was already inhabited in ancient times and in the 12th century it started to develop around the castle. Gemona del Friuli immediately assumed great importance for trade with Germanic countries. It was hit by several disastrous earthquakes but was always reconstructed.
The small town rises with its oldest centre at the foot of Mounts Glemeine, Cjmpon and Cuarnan, at the height of 272 m a.s.l. Crossed by the Alpe Adria motorway with enter and exit tollhouses, by the SS 13 (udine-Tarvisio), the Venezia-Tarvisio-Austria railway, Gemona del Friuli, is easy to reach. Sadly Italy and the world know Gemona as the capital of the 1976 earthquake and it is nowadays the symbol of the "rebuilt" Friuli.

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