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If it is true that we are known for our gastronomic products and not for the beautiful surroundings then it is a shame: the valley of Lumiei, in which Sauris is placed is very special. Those who come for the first time cannot immage, climbing the road that runs through the cutting of Lumiei, that you will find a large valley, sunny with a sky that is reflected in its lake and with a background mountain on which alternates woods and different shades of pastures. This road, as is evident for those who know it, was realised only in recent years, around the 1930's and represents, for the inhabitants of the valley, the realisation of a dream, before communication with the outside world was assured a tortuous carriageway, usable only in the summer months, that passed over the mountains through the Pura pass, was our only road.
That isolation has however contributed and stressed peculiarities and traditions bringing them intact to us today. Sauris, in the German dialect Zahre, is the highest village of the Fiuli Venezia Giulia region, about 1,000 to 1,400 m and surrounded by a circle of mountains that accents the mysterious isolation reinforcing the unity between the communities. It was established from the last quarter of the 13th century, by a community speaking a German language, most probably from Carinzia (Austria).


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