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The community that transferred here has consistently maintained its German spoken traditions, using a medieval dialect, its gastronomia, in its religious and popular feasts, and giving it a sense of belonging to Carnia and the regional and national communities. Sauris is provided with interesting facilities for summer tourists and for those of the winter seasons, horse-riding centre, tennis, basket-ball, volley-ball, sport fishing in the lake and rivers, winter ski lifts easy to use and particulary adapted for children and family groups, school and ski rental makes the valley ideal for the lovers of serenity and tranquility, for those who love to discover new places and not yet beaten by the tourist masses, and for those who are searching for an intimate and exclusive natural refuge. A particular mention must be given to the old local tradition of curing hams that here are conditions ideal for the maturing, for the salubrity of the air and climate always fresh even during the summer months. In these conditions as a conservation, makes smoking particularly light and the reduced quantity of salt makes the taste sweet and delicate.