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Small but cheerful capital of Carnia, Tolmezzo represents the commercial centre and the internal services, of the large connected surrounding territory, and half the things to buy are from Austria, reachable in half an hour by car. At the foot of Mount Strabut, with the confluence of the torrent But with that of Tagliamento, is of unknown origins but without doubt, ancient, probably dating back to the Roman period. Certainly around the year 1000, period in which dates back to its commercial role, which increased in the patriachal period together with its particular autonomy and predominance on the other territory. Testifying to that role is an ancient castle, of noteable dimensions, which recently was brought to light some remains.
Still today, walking through the charming centre, nearly totally restored recently, observing its portico and its antique palaces, does not hide its history or its role, the traces of Venetian influence but also something that remains of the nearby Germanic world, its style and costumes, and Tolmezzo and the entire region of Carnia which united these two cultures within its large surrounding territory that is Alpe-Adria. But not only for its commerciality and its centre of services but it is also entrusted with the future economic resources of Tolmezzo: the tourist sector is in secure expansion using that of its own attractions as well as those of the nearby beautiful lake of Tre Communi and of the Terme di Arta, already many have commented on the geographical centrality of the city, from where is easily reached the principal tourist stations of the Regione, not excluding those of the maritime. Also connected by a little less than three hours by car from Saltsburg and three hours from Lubiana, acquiring in this way a strategic dimension in the vast surrounding international territory of Alpe-Adria.
A small temple to the gastronomy of Carnia, offers the possibility to taste the most savoury dishes of local cuisine, of great naturalness and originality, which often uses ancient recipes, raised noble by the famous lattiero-caseari products of Carnia and of excellent hams and sausages, together with wild herbs and mushrooms growing abundantly in the area. Many notice and frequent the local Museum of Popular Art and Tradition, considered one of the more important in Europe, realised by Senator Michele Gortani authentic mirror of an interesting and rich country heritage, with furnishings, fittings, fabrics and precious findings from all of Carnia.

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