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A crossroads between the Central-European and the Mediteranean cultures, Trieste has always been a pole of attraction. Among its features, besides its geographic position forlorn in a corner of the Italian territory, yet at the very heart of the Markets of Central Europe and the Eastern Countries a fundamental role is played by its historical and cultural background with the high technical and professional skills of its citizens which found their best expression in the ship-building industry.
This identity fully flourished in the eighteen hundreds when, with the opening of the San Marco and the San Rocco shipyards, a powerful impulse made its wa into the citys economic texture, boosting the development of initiatives which subsequently were to leave their mark. It is sufficient to mention the foundation of Assicurazioni Generali in 1831 and Lloyd Triestino in 1836 to have an idea o the industrious bustling of the period.


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