Golfing in Italy

The Rules of Golf
  • The Game
    Rule 1: The Game
    Rule 2: Match Play
    Rule 3: Stroke Play

  • Clubs and the Ball
    Rule 4: Clubs
    Rule 5: The Ball

  • Players Responsibilities
    Rule 6: The Player
    Rule 7: Practice
    Rule 8: Advice; Indicating Line of Play
    Rule 9: Information as to Strokes Taken

  • Order of Play
    Rule 10: Order of Play

  • Teeing Ground
    Rule 11: Teeing Ground

  • Playing the Ball
    Rule 12: Searching for and Identifying Ball
    Rule 13: Ball Played as it Lies
    Rule 14: Striking the Ball
    Rule 15: Wrong Ball; Substituted Ball

  • The Putting Green
    Rule 16: The Putting Green
    Rule 17: The Flagstick

  • Ball Moved, Deflected or Stopped
    Rule 18: Ball at Rest Moved
    Rule 19: Ball in Motion, Deflected or Stopped

  • Relief Situations and Procedures
    Rule 20: Lifting, Dropping and Placing; Playing from Wrong Place
    Rule 21: Cleaning Ball
    Rule 22: Ball Interfering with or Assisting Play
    Rule 23: Loose Impediments
    Rule 24: Obstructions
    Rule 25: Abnormal Ground Conditions, Embedded Ball and Wrong Putting Green
    Rule 26: Water Hazards (Including Lateral Water Hazards)
    Rule 27: Ball Lost or Out of Bounds; Provisional Ball
    Rule 28: Ball Unplayable

  • Other Forms of Play
    Rule 29: Threesomes and Foursomes
    Rule 30: Three-Ball, Best Ball and Four-Ball Match Play
    Rule 31: Four-Ball Stroke Play
    Rule 32: Bogey, Par and Stableford Competitions

  • Administration
    Rule 33: The Committee
    Rule 34: Disputes and Decisions