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La peschiera augustea
The sacred murenaio in petra excisus the best kept in the mediterranean sea emerges at water level in the white tufa wall of the Promontorio della Madonna where it was engraved by many sclaves with accurate work in the first century after Christ.
You can easily reach it nowadays by the sea in no more than ten minutes from the har-bour connected with the Augustos summer residence by a complicated system of bridges han-ging on the sea. In the nimphae-swimming-pools and in the underground channels where the sea water sang, they grew the morays that the oriental priests used for their art of haruspicy.
The fish-pads were lined with marble, plaster and very precious statues that were placed on the submerged columns and seemed to float on the sea. The most interesting archeological findings were removed and transferred to Great Britain in the first half of the last century.
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