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Chiaia di Luna - West placed and protected from the north wind by a huge wall of yellow and white tufa is the most well-known beach in all the archipelago. In ancient times there stood a Greek harbour devoted to the godness Moon and still today you can recover the remains of ancient buildings and fragments of amphorae in its very clear depths.
The cambered rock in front of the beach offers to those who dive in an admirable scenary. It is in effect wholly bored in the submerged portion and the sun beams filtering through it offer to it iridiscent colours. You can reach the beach like two thousand years ago thanks to a tunnel likely to be of Greek origin. It was then restored by the Romans who made I rge skylights in the vault and strengthened the passage with walls in opus reticulatum.
Very mall bridges leading to the necropolis on the right of the tunnel entrance are worth while being wisited.
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