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Le Forna - Following the second intensive colonization of the Bourbons towards 1771 some paysant farriilies settled down in this part of the island and shared the lands of Lucia Rosa up to Punta Incenso. 1n the last one hundred years, in spite of the touristic development the centre of the village has remained unchanged. The church of Le Forna, devoted to the Madonna Assunta, has a particular oddness: two bell towers set in a diagonal, one to the east, and the most ancient one towards the west. In the Cala dell'Acqua one part of the admirable imperial age acqueduct is still working. The ancient Romans build it by digging long galleries into the hills. The water dropping from the vaults of this underground labyrinth was conveyed in the huge containers which reached fifty cube meters size. This acqueduct satisfied the needs of the whole island and it was necessary to the supply of the triremes which passed by the island. The work can be really considered to be grandiose if one thinks that in the first century after Christ, the inhabitants were almost ten thousand heads, that is the double of the present population. In the first years of our century a bronze epistomium adorned with figures was recovered from the fountain of Gala dell'Acqua and it is today kept in the National Museum of Naples. The place is rich in bentonite (aluminium silicate) that is a very precious mineral and of kaolin; the latter was already extracted in the nineteenth century and exported to Capodimonte in the Naples Gulf to be used in the chinaware working.
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