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The fortresses of the islands -The renaissance fortresses of the Farnesi are the characteristic aspect of some promontories of the island. There is one at Punta del Papa, at Le Forna, built towards the first half of the sixteenth century to protect the coasts from the pirates' assaults. From 1909 when a landslide made the south wing where once the officials where lodged fall down, the fortress is in a continous wearing up. At the feet of the promontory of the Pope, there is the Zi Teresa cave where according to the tradition there is a treasure that the pirates The renaissance fortresses brought in there. The other Farnese'e fortress is of a remarkable interest, and overlooks from one side the bay of Fronton' with its famous beach and from the other one the Piana Bianca. It was strategically built to guard the Ponza's harbour and was submitted to plenty assaults of the sea among which that one of the major Napier (afterwards named Count of Ponza) which occurred in February 1813.
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