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Cala Inferno – The Gala is the result of an intense volcanic activity and it is one of the most evocative corner of the whole archipelago. One can now see an eroded cone for more than one third from the wearing action of the sea. At the feet of the cone there is a little wharf where one can still look at the wall works and at the excavations made by the Romans to carry out one of the many stores of the island aqueduct. It was necessary for the supply of the water to the Italian ships up to the second world war. A little fountain still gushing almost at sea level continous to restaure the fishers. The steep wall of the Cala is bored by a very hard passage which permits to reach the sea. The path climbing on a precipice of sixty meters is protected by a natural fen of characteristic rocky mushrooms. The very white tufa is coloured of a deep red towards Punta Nera and gives intense tones to the water. Near Cala Inferno there stand a peculiar rocky island called «Calzone del Parroco» for the resemblance to the garment of an old priest. Its dephts abund in dates very exquisite seafruit. The path with no more than two hundred steps connects the bay to the centre of Le Forna and those who walk on it discovers very interesting landscapes and foreshortenings. Before the building of the cartway road, Gala Inferno was the wharf of some ferrymen which connected Ponza-harbour and Le Forna. Today it is one of the preferred destination of the tourists. A characteristical natural are called the «Spaccapurpo» by the inhabitants of the islands is placed off-shore the beach of the «Schiavone». It was used by the first fishermen as a land-mark to detect a shoal particulary full of fish. Once spotted the position they used to say «spacca u purpo» that is cut the polyp used as a bait for the bownets; from this the name. On this particular rocky formation some specimens of the rare pasquinii lezard still survive. Not far there is the rock called of «Aniello Antonio» on which a mini-vineyard was cultivated until the past century, a real hanging garden.
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