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Origin - The Pontine Islands are mainly of volcanic origin. The remote history of the archipelago therefore includes a past of fire, a Genesis, like spectacle: the earth spewing billions of cubic metres of incandescent magma through the underwater fissures into the sea, columns of steam rising kilometres into the sky, boiling water, rumbling and explosions. Even the most fanciful imagination would, today, find it hard to observe this tranquil part of the Tyrrhenian SEa and conjure up this primordial chaos. The immense flows of lava cooled to produce a series of rocks in changing colours. The different chemical characteristics of the rocks (basic those of Ponza and Palmarola, acid those of Ventotene and Santo Stefano, sedimentary in origin those of Zannone) give them an unmistikable appearance. Born out of geological torment of uncomon intensity, these treasures present never-ending colour variations: white and grey, yellow and red, green and black, nuances, underlined strata and twisted shapes that togheter produce constant changes to the images set against a blue background of sea and sky.

History - Prehistoric man knew this sea and these rocks, having come here from Circeo in search of obsidian. It was also known to and visited by the Phoenicians and Greeks, but it was the Romans who started to colonise the archipelago. In the early Christian era the islands were the home of banished Christian martyrs (the most famous was Pope Silverius the Martyr, today the venerated patron of Ponza) and places of meditation for hermits and Benedectine and Cistercian monastic communities. In the 9th century they were given to the Farnese family in fief, before passing to the Bourbons of Naples, who in 1734 began to encourage their repopulation, starting the construction of the new town centres of Ponza and Venotene, and the development of the urban settlements. In 1857, Carlo Pisacane landed on Ponza before ending his unfortunate adventure at Sapri. In 1861 the archipelago became part of the unified Italian State.
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