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Ponza is the largest of the islands, 5 miles in length and from 650 ft to one mile in width, and reaches a maximum altitude at Monte della Guardia of 1090 ft. Its outline is varied andb broken, with an exceptional series of bays, inlets; the rock formation shows great variety of shapes and colours, seen in the volcanic layers which are predominantly, limestone and trachyte.
The local people have christened the various places with the most colourful names. Starting from the northeastern spur called Punta dell' Incenso (Incense Point) and continuing southward one travels through some enchanting places: the small Isle of Gavi, Gala Gaetano, Ravia di Aniello Antonio, Punta Nera, Gala d'Inferno. Gala del Core with its typical Scoglio Spaccapolpi or Calzone del Parroco, Punta Bianca, Gala di Frontone, S. Maria, Giancos, down to the shipping lane.
This is protected to the east by the Punta della Madonna (with the nearby cliffs), under which lie the Pilatus Caves where the ancient Romans bred Muraena fish, and which have given birth to many picturesque local legends. Continuing the tour, one passes the Calzone Muto Cliffs, the Punta della Guardia with its lighthouse, Punta del Fieno, the Punta Bianca and so on: the Maria Rosa Cliffs, Capo Bosco, Gala Feola, Gala dell'Acqua, Punta del Papa, Gala Fontana, Punta Beppe Antonio, and finally Gala Caparra. The main town comprises two nuclei: Ponza itself which is built up around the port, and Le Forna, 5 miles away by road, with their actractive low, whitewashed houses affording a typical architectural unity. The port is a small amphitheatre designed by the architect Winspeare in Bourbon times.
It can be reached from Formia, Terracina, San Felice Circeo and Anzio by motorboats and hydrofoil.
40 53' 84 N - 12 57' 81 E

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