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Ponza harbour - built in the natural amphytheatre formed by the hills of the Madonna and Punta Bianca it has more than two hundred years. Ferdinando IV of Bourbon ordered the project to the architect F. Carpi and to the Major of Engineer Corps A. Winspeare, who built up two storeys out of the remains of the ancient Romans installations: one for the mooring dock and the upper one to serve the civil buildings partly using the remains of the voisc perlad. The hemicycle of the harbour is dominated by the Bourbon Tower, a grandiose building developed on a previously existing Roman watching tower, and the Church with a Bramantesque dome, devoted to S. Silverio and Domitilla. The Townhal with elliptical arcades is the background of the little Carlo Pisacane square, which is the society gathering centre. The arbour reflects nowadays the history of very different people which have left the hint of their own dreams and experience in this so little corner of the world. From an ancient consular statue as the famouse one of Mamozio, from an amphore embedded in a Bourbon wall or from a cyclopean marble used in a eighteenth century building it is still possible to restore that very hystorical progress lived by the isles even if with moments sank in oblivion. Many inhabitants of the isles expatriated at the end of the nineteenth century and in the first half of our century answering the call of a secret doom they have run the paths of ancient migrations. On 20th of June, however, from far overseas countries they come back to celebrate their patron's festivity, S. Silverio Pope.