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Capodimonte is located on a charming promontory situated on the southern shore of lake Bolsena, the largest lake of volcanic origin in Italy. The ancient village, surrounding the castle of the Farnese family, the church adjoining the Palazzo Borghese, which today hosts the town hall, and Palazzo Puniatowski, known as the Palazzaccio, stands 335 metres above sea level and 30 metres over the surface of the extensive lake, providing a truly picturesque view. Capodimonte is the legitimate heir of the ancient town of Vesentum, an important Umbrian-Etruscan locality.
In fact, following the destruction of the city by Longobardi (8th century), the local people fled. A group of these look refuge in one extremity of the small promontory, thus giving life to foundation of Capodimonte. The greatness of the Farnese family wanted to erect the imposing massive octagonal palace-fortress known as the Rocca on the volcanic cliffs of the delightful promontory. The Chiesa Collegiata, devoted to Our Lady of the Assumption was erected right next to the Palazzo.
The Church is adorned with rich stuccos and an arch, which according to the tradition of the local parish priets, was designed by Vignola. The painting of the main altar depicts the Assumption of Maria of Tiepolo. The others works of art include a beautiful statue of Our Lady of Graces attribuited to the school of Neapolitan painter Sebastiano Conca.
Tourism here accounts for a significant source of income. The peculiarity beautiful landscape of the town, its pleasant beach (about 2 Km long), by far the best equipped at Lake of Bolsena and shaded by a row of trees, its port and its sports facilities (tennis, skating, volleyball, basketball, soccer and sailing) are sure to allure an increasing number of tourists.

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