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It is located in lake Bolsena, in the municipal district of Capodimonte; over the centuries it had been the residence of many pontiffs, from Pope Urbano IV in 1261 to Pope Benedetto IV in 1758. There isn't any person that visited the isle and wasn't struck by the beauty and spirituality of the place. The fauna of the island varies incredibly. It includes: wild hares, pheasants, wild swans and cormorants as well as herons, gallinules, ducks and rovins. As far as the vegetation is concerned, it varies and includes centuries-old pines, lebanon cedars, oaks, prickly pears, paulownia, centuries-old pagoda trees, horse chestnuts, magnolias, holm oaks and lime trees as well as a woderful hydrangeas avenue, designed by Giovanni Fieschi Ravaschieri del Drago. Visitors may admire the natural beauty of its extensive evergreen oak forests, its gardens, and the attractive sinuous lines of its contours, but there is more to it than that. Its attractions also include the church designed by Vignola with the elegant lead-covered dome, the octagonal shrine created by Sangallo on the tuff peak of the "Rocchina", the chapel of Jesus the Crucified adorned with frescoes dating back to the 1400s, the Etruscan-Roman vault lined with burial niches under the Rocca, the beautiful marble sepulchre of Ranuccio Farnese III and the Malta of Popes.

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