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Montalto di Castro is a little town on a hill overlooking the coast. It is called Montalto di Castro with reference to the Duchy of Castro to which it belonged for a century. The road leading to the town is dominated by the mass of Castello Guglielmi or della Rocca, a medieval castle built by the Orsini, perhaps too much restored in the XIXth century by the Guglielmi, a rich family of Civitavecchia, owner of most of the land around Montalto. There are still only two entrances to old Montalto, the streets of which maintain the atmosphere of the past.
To visit: the Santa Croce church, built in the 14th century; the S. Maria Assunta church of the 1400s.

Marina di Montalto - The nearby long sandy beach of Montalto Marina offers tourist amenities. A big local electrical power station, originally designed to run on nuclear fuel, has been the subject of national debate.

Pescia Romana, another locality belonging to the municipality of Montalto di Castro, from which it lies 12 Km, is located on the border with the municipality of Capalbio. The residential area is composed of two main centres: the Borgo Nuovo" and the Borgo Vecchio, in addition to a myriad of country farmhouses spread around the beautiful surrounding countryside. A large number of tourists visit Pescia Romana, attracted by the beauty of the countryside, by the possibility of going on many different types of excursions, both naturalistic as well as cultural, by the 8 km of beach, all true to their natural state, and by the clarity and cleanliness of the seawater. The beaches of Marina di Pescia, Casalaccio and Costa Selvaggia are particularly well known.

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