Regional Natural Park of Monti Simbruini

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How to visit the Park
By car: many roads, asphalted and non afford a first contact with the nature of the park. Among them we suggest Camerata Nuova-Camposecco, Camerata Fosso Fioio-Campo della Pietra, Cervara-Campaegli, Subiaco-Livata-Campo dell'Osso, Vallepietra-SS.Trinita (Holy Trinity), Filettino-Valico della Serra-Campo Staffi, Trevi nel Lazio-Aniene sources. The main road which leads from Subiaco to Jenne and Vallepietra, through the Aniene valley and along the course of the river Simbrivio, is very panoramic.
On foot: hundreds of paths permit the exploration of the park right to its most secret corners. Among them we suggest the path which leads to Mount Viglio from Moscosa fountain (5 hours round trip) or the one from the sanctuary of the Holy Trinity to Mount Tarino (5,30 hours round trip). The paths to Autore Mount from Camposecco (5 hours round trip) and the short ascent to Mount Calvo from Mount Livata (2 hours round trip) are also very interesting.
By bike: the roadsters can ride on all the asphalted roads which are often very panoramic. For the mountain bike users the most challenging road is the one in Fosso Fioio, between Camerata Nuova and the sanctuary of the Holy Trinity.
Skiing: in the Park there are the winters station of Mount Livata and Campo Staffi. The wild nature of the Park can best be enjoyed by exploring it on cross-country skis. Among the most classic ski-routes, the crossing of Fosso Fioio (20 km.), and the one which links Camposecco, Campaegli, Campo dell'Osso and Campo Staffi.
Horse riding: the "Monti Simbruini" are an ideal playground for excursions on horses. Beginners can apply to local horse riding centres which organize riding courses, trips and long lasting trekking in the splendid setting of the Park.
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