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Pastena is a characteristic town, situated on a hill at 318 m above s.l. in the Ciociaria area. The ancient built up area of the town is enclosed inside the circle of its solid town walls; these are studded at various intervals with a total of fifteen towers with square and round bases. Originally, there were a total of twenty five towers. The walls are interrupted in correspondence with the two gates, Porta Roma and Porta Napoli, which were once the only ways of access into or out of the town.
The historical centre of Pastena has preserved practically unaltered its typical medieval characteristics; delicate mullioned windows with two lights, and large atria inside magnificent portals with coats of arms on the keystones bear witness to the importance of the family who once resided there. Passing along the shadowy alleys, still animated with the cheerful chatter of the old women, it feels like glancing at the pages of a photograph album inwhich the past blends with the present in the slow but inevitable passing of time in Pastena.
Hurried flights of steps worn smooth by the footsteps of centuries, small galleries overflowing with geraniums and churches which bear the signs of an ancient splendour all tell the history of this town which is still deeply tied to its farming origins. With its old style cuisine made from simple foods, but with genuine flavours, Pastena awaits you to be discovered and experienced.

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