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Roccasecca's story connects to its geographic position. This is an old village sites over a limestone massif and it is developed on three levels: the high part is on the Mountain Asprano where we can find the remains of the Castle of San Tommaso. In the middlr part the village of Valley and Caprile; finally the zone of Roccasecca Scalo where we find the railway station, the industrial zones and shopping center.
Today Roccasecca is well known as industrial and handicraft center in particular for the ceramics production. The neighboring countries of Roccasecca are: Castrocielo, Colle San Magno, Pontecorvo, Rocca d'Arce and Colfelice. The Churches are the monuments that characterize much more the town. Between the more notes we remember the Church of San Tommaso and Church dell'Annunziata in Castle, and Sant'Angelo in Asprano.

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