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San Felice Circeo forms a splendid environmental sinthesis: the promontory with the Quarto Freddo, the Faro and Quarto Caldo zones; the antique and charming town, the small square with its 13th century tower which belonged to the Templari, the Palazzo and the characteristic streets; the residential area featuring mediterranean architecture, all make the Circeo the most renowned and appreciated seaside resort in Lazio.
From the panoramic roads of the Faro and the Crocette on the Promontory you can admire the plains and the sea, as far as the nearby Ponziane islands. From the Crocetta you can reach the Acropoli of antique Circeji (probably of Greek origin).
The real delight of Circeo are the rocks which face the crystal clear sea; not forgetting the 43 caves including those of the Sorceress Circe, Presepio, The Blue cave, the Capre, Fossellone, Impiso, the Spaccata cave and the suggestive towers of Paola, Fico, Cervia, Vittoria, Olevola, which according to leggend was the home of the Sorceress Circe who transformed Ulysses' men into swine.

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