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Minturno is situated on the north west bank of the Liris (also known as the Garigliano), with a suburb on the opposite bank c. 18 kilometers from its mouth, at the point where the Via Appia crossed it by the bridge called Pons Tiretius.
The Roman ruins consist of an amphitheatre (now almost entirely demolished, but better preserved in the 18th century), a theatre in opus reticulatum, and a very fine aqueduct in opus reticulatum, the quoins of which are of various colours arranged in patterns to produce a decorative effect. There is also a statue commonly called of Sepeone (Scipio), from the Late Empire age.
The Thermae of Suio, some kilometers outside the city, are known since very ancient times, as they are cited by both Pliny the Elder and Lucanus. They are still exploited. The place were the site of a battle between France and Spain in 1503. Close to the mouth of the river was the sacred grove of the Italic goddess Marica.

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