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The view from the seaside is fascinating and impressive: with a single glance you take in the relaxing waters of the lake, the ridge of dunes, kilometres of the often deserted beach where the famous novelist Alberto Moravia liked to take walks, the sea, the ever-present vegetation, and the massive Circeo Promontory which dominates the coastline from the southwest. Sabaudia is the headquarters of the management of the Circeo National Park, with a Visitors Centre, the Natural History Museum and the "Claudia Ortese" Pontine Marshes Education and Health Documentation Centre. Although it is a new city, Sabaudia has important remains of the centuries prior ti its foundation: the 13th century Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Sorresca; the Palazzo di Domiziano, one of the most important archaeological complexes in southern Latium; the so-called Fonte di Lucullo (Lucullus' Spring); the Faberio Murena pool (also called Lucullus pool), which is fed by the sea. A visit to the Sea and Coast Museum completes our historic-cultural tour of Sabaudia. Tourism in Sabaudia is based on its small and large hotels, all of which are first-rate, or at least very good, the campgrounds along the coast, the many vacation villas and apartments, and lastly a programme of events and festivals aimed at a vast range of tastes.